Systemintegration for Financial Services

Our strategy

Our team of experts always strives for the best - without compromising sensitivity!

findic is currently focusing on the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and operates through subject-specific divisions across all locations.

Our headcount has increased continuously since the company’s founding in April 2005. Our employees are proven experts in their subject areas, and we want them to work as a team, to apply their soft skills, and to be sensitive and open towards the new and the different. Trust takes time and time is a scarce resource in the 21st century. But your trust in our productivity will definitely pay off.

Experience is an essential asset in our industry sector. But it can also turn out to be a stumbling block during conceptualization. We are aware of this risk and therefore attach great importance to dynamics, creativity and innovative strength—to the benefit of our clients and for our own pleasure.

Together with our clients, we develop the tools and processes needed to achieve a higher level of security and sustainability. If you do not want to rely on pure instinct when making future-oriented decisions, then findic is your ideal partner.