Systemintegration for Financial Services

Our mission

We don’t rely on chance for complex contents. Our efforts combined always find the way!

When assessing and designing complex IT structures, analytical expertise is key. But this is not enough to keep multifunctional systems flexible and future-proof. An alert mind, an eye for the big picture, the ability to interpret facts, expertise and intuition are all needed in order to achieve clever solutions.

As a company, findic is an IT consultancy that offers advisory services and technical support to financial services providers from design to implementation to maintenance, alongside expert reviews and QA measures.

For our clients, we are definitely more than mere software developers: we are business analysts, project managers, IT architects, work flow engineers, data operators and interface designers. This is what motivates us every day! Our highly skilled staff focuses on individual application development, project management, quality and test management as well as excellent service to identify, address and challenge client-specific topics and to implement them together with the clients using a fully solution-oriented approach. This is what our team stands for and how we want to continue our company’s growth.

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